New projects in the works…

I find myself writing constantly now. through that I have now published one of my books, The Voices in My Head is just the first installment of the trilogy. Like I said before the second installment is complete.The third installment is currently being written. I decided to take some time to work on a new project and it’s coming along nicely. This story will be a best seller I’m sure of it. I believe in what it is that I do when I begin to create. I bring characters to life in a way that will let you feel their emotions. I write what I feel so my reading audience can feel what I write. Feel free to visit my website and read the synopsis to “The Voices in My Head”, you will want to go and get your copy to let yourself become a part of the world I created. believe me you don’t want to miss a thing. “The Voices in My Head IIĀ The Bewitching Hour” will be coming soon. And again the protagonist Sean Bowers will wreak havoc on those that stand in his way, only to find out the devastating truth behind the origin of the voices.


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